By: Edlyn Yan 6th hr.

What Is The ESA?

- Under this act, species showing signs of becoming endangered may be listed as so.
- All types of organisms may be listed except for insects that cause damage and annoyance to society.
  • Endangered - The species has a risk of going into extinction throughout all of its habitats across the world.
  • Threatened - The species has a risk of becoming endangered.

- 1,985 species are listed as endangered under this act. Out of those endangered species, 1380 species are found in the United States.’
- Was originally passed to try and prevent more extinctions and to help populations grow and thrive.
- The goal is to get endangered animals back to the sustainable, natural numbers.

The History:

- The act was passed in December 28, 1973.
- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Commerce Department’s National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) established this act.
- Written to replace two other acts:
  • Endangered Species Conservation Act
  • Endangered Species Preservation Act

- The currect act has been amended many times already.

The Purpose of the ESA:

- Protect and restore endangered species and restore their habitats.
- Protects the species from being taken without authorization.
- Allows land to be purchased to make endangered populations grow again.
- Prosecutes individuals that violate the written agreements in the act.
- Monetary rewards will be given for those who catch the poachers.
- Prohibits the government from passing laws that will bring harm to the species.





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