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Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975
by: Ashley Aljadah
Conserving energy and using more efficient facilities.

The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 was signed by Gerald R. Ford to promote conserving energy whenever possible. It was signed as a result of energy crisis that happened in the mid 1970’s. The primary goal of the act was to reserve up to one billion barrels of petroleum. It restricted power plants and major fuel burning installations from using natural gas or petroleum products as fuel. Loans were permitted for the purpose of developing new underground coal mines. Conservation can be looked at in two ways: one- using fewer nonrenewable resources, and two- using more energy efficient for home heating, fuel for cars, etc.
The first clause in the act was to conserve energy in the residencies. Depending on income, people were funded with grants to help improve their homes for weatherization and insulation.
The second clause stated that schools, hospitals and other buildings owned by local governments had to increase energy conservation techniques.