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Allie Knott

George Perkins Marsh
  • A lawyer, a naturalist, and a businessman
  • Wanted people to become aware of the effects that human interaction has on the environment
  • In 1864, he published a novel titled The Earth as Modified by Human Action: Man and Nature
    • Marsh’s way of showing people that how they interact with the environment has a negative effect on, and is ultimately destroying the areas around them
  • Marsh took into full account the fact that it was necessary to use nature’s resources to a certain extent, but he fought to decrease the additional harm that was being done
  • Found that environmental systems complete tasks that are much more remarkable than humans have realized
  • As he gained knowledge, Marsh began to further persuade the populations to become educated and help prevent further environmental damage
  • Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National History park is named after Marsh
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