The EARTH Summit of 1992
Rio Summit, International Convention on Global Biodiversity
By: Ramy Fawaz

The Earth Summit of 1992 was a gathering of leaders to a major UN conference in order to discuss the depletion of natural resources and to plan for a sustainable future.

The summit was held in Rio de Janeiro and was considered an extremely historical event by leaders and journalists alike. The result of the Summit included something called “Agenda 21” which was a step by step plan to a sustainable society. They would later follow up on this plan in 1997 when the next Earth Summit would be held.

The Earth Summit also brought upon a set of principles regarding possible damages human interaction may cause to the environment. One of the most famous of the principles was the “Precautionary Principle”.

This stated that if there is a possibility of harm on the public or the environment discovered by scientific evidence then policy makers may take caution to prevent such risks from occurring.

These principles made strides in environmental safety across the world. Pollution regulation and alternative energy were all being looked at. Although many advances can be credited towards this conference, the master achievement was making these conferences and ordinary thing and carefully regulating environmental problems through international communication and deliberation.

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